I trust myself more now and am able to really own my voice! I finally believe in myself and will not back down. I felt like we were completely on the same page. You were able to really hold the space I needed to explore. You spoke my language. That is why I was first attracted to working with you. Once we began the process I was able to step into my purpose because I knew you were there to support me on so many levels not just for my business. (I am getting teary eyes just thinking about it.)
— Susan Singer-Alfonso, RYT Fertility Yoga Teacher, Creator of Goddess Momma Fertility Yoga Bundle, Host of (IN)Fertile and Fabulous Podcast
Working with Ashley was one of the most fruitful experiences I have ever had as far as generating clarity, productivity and activation within my soul-centered business. In just ONE Abundance blueprint session with Ashley, I got more value and growth than I got out of an entire year long business program. Ashley not only gets things done efficiently and powerfully, she allows spirit-minded, sensitive individuals to keep their intuitive gifts thriving within greater structure, organization and action-oriented steps so that they can grow their businesses without losing touch with their heart and soul. Her wisdom and knowledge not only in business, but in spirituality and higher consciousness is immediately evident, and she blends these together with ease. She is inspiring and very caring, and she has an incredible gift and knack for weaving together business and soul in ways which empower and uplift rapidly. I left our session feeling reborn. I HIGHLY recommend her services far and wide!!
— Christina Louise - Soulful + Embodied Feminine Leadership Founder of the Embodiment Arts Academy and White Dragon Medicine Arts
Ashley has such positivity about her that working with her is fun and inspiring. She gave me step by step guidance for my business. My session with her was the extra boost I needed to set me in the right direction.
— Andrea Founder of Mind Body Music Center
Ashley is a “pro’s pro.” It’s clear that Ashley has substantial subject matter expertise, loves her work, and cares about me and the success of my business. Our first Blueprint Session was substantive. I left the meeting with a clear and actionable roadmap that included a repeatable formula for success. I highly recommend working with her to develop a blueprint for success.
— Jeff Genung Founder of Contemplative Life
DO IT NOW!! I thought I was simply signing up to learn how to build a website. Scoff. Tip of the iceberg. I wound up having revelation after revelation, ideas popped up for more income revenue, I felt very supported and very eager for the next chapter. Summer camp was invaluable and gave me tools I can use for years to come.
— Isabel Wroth - Published Author took Business Camp
In just ONE Abundance Blueprint Session with Ashley, I got more value and growth than I got out of an entire year long business program.
— Christina Louise had Abundance Blueprint Session
Ashley is an amazing teacher and her enthusiasm for helping others succeed is very evident. She will show you step by step how to build your website as well as teach you how to make connections with your audience, and it is presented in an easy to follow yet fun and engaging way. All of this used to be super overwhelming for me, but now I feel empowered knowing what I need to do and how to do it.
— Mimi Jennings - Founder of White Crane Sings took Business Camp
As a seasoned entrepreneur, it is a rare gift to meet someone who can deliver so much value with such ease. When I met Ashley 2 years ago, I knew she had something special to offer. She spoke my language, and had a cool confidence backed by her depth of knowledge and skills. She has greatly improved my company’s message and consistency on social media - plus her insights on my industry have been invaluable. If you are ready to up your game, I can’t recommend Ashley enough.
— Laura Forsyth, Owner, One Yoga Global
My passion for my work and the love I create around my business is profound. I was not sure if anyone could present and market it in a way where it was true to me. Well, Ashley just nailed it!
Everything I had visioned and dreamed about for my website - she created it with compassion and even more! Ashley, listened to me, she used her knowledge, and with her experiences, she took my business - marketing to another level. It was easy to work with her, very friendly in a professional way. She always responded back instantly. I felt safe, I trusted her from the first moment we started working together. I recommend hiring and working with Ashley. She will deliver the project in time, she will exceed the expectations, she will guide you if you need to (I’m not a computer savvy person). The outcome is fantastic - I’m very proud of my website. Without Ashley, I would still be looking for someone or something -It’s one of my best actions and purchases I have ever made! She is a Top World-Class web designer!
— Mia Grant - Founder of Mia Grant Art Yoga, Women's Wellness and Retreats Around the Globe
Thank you SOOOO much, Ashley! I can hardly believe how much I got out of our first meeting! I feel absolutely nurtured and understood, and finally have a game plan for how to bring my work to the people who need it and want it. I have avoided hiring a marketing specialist because I was not sure how it might fit with my vision. Ashley gets it, y’all. I am filled with optimism and gratitude.
— Shannon Brooks , Founder | Tune My Biofield
Ashley is exactly what I needed for my business. She is compassionate, clear and direct and has a multitude of tools up her sleeve which she offers so abundantly. In just 3 sessions with her, I felt like I got 3 years worth of knowledge. It’s as though she created a program just for me that took me by the hand and walked me through each step necessary to get my feet on the ground and running an efficient business. Business and sales don’t come naturally to me but after doing what Ashley has taught me, I got unbelievably warm responses from my clients and the sessions with her practically paid for themselves. She gets it, in so many ways. I’m so happy I found her.
— Jazmine Russell - Integrative Counselor + Intuitive Herbalist
As passionate, creative and hardworking as I am, when it comes to todays marketing strategies, I could have never thought of or accomplished for AyurYogaSpa what Ashley has done for me.
— Gina Caccavalla, Founder | AyurYogaTantraSpa AHP CAS, PKS, CMT ERYT 500
I can’t say enough about Ashley and how grateful I am to her. My business is expanding and shifting and I’m being able to move into a more sustainable space.

Ashley helps us move into a space of abundance and prosperity while being in full integrity with who we are and why we are here. I love you Ashley and can’t wait for the next phase in our journey!
— Heather Elizabeth, Founder | SHINE – Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution
Ashley helped me get really specific and very clear on who my clients were going to be. She helped me identify my target market, find out what their concerns were, I realized I do have the knowledge to really help these people. This made me so confident and gave me crystal clear direction.

After our time together I was flying so high after everything I learned and couldn’t wait to put this into action.

Ashley put so much effort and personalized thought into helping me grow my business, I truly hope I can offer my clients the same caliber of work that Ashley has given to me! Thank you, Ashley! Namaste
— Sheena Rubino, Founder | Shee Yoga Fitness
Ashley is such a delight! She is upbeat, encouraging, and inspiring. Her energy is contagious! I not only have a new partner in the online and technical aspects of my business, but I also have a new cheerleader for my work in the world, and a new friend to top it all off!
— Alisa Carr, Founder | Eye of the Heart
Ashley won our eco-friendly hotel featured publicity in major magazine outlets in print and online including Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast which lead to even more international media coverage, retreat bookings, website visits and social media followers, positioning Yemaya as a top destination for yoga and wellness retreats in the Caribbean.
— Michael Bitton, GM of Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa