My 2018 Cosmic Marketing Predictions For 2018 - Facebook Is Out

Man I am excited about all the technology we get to play with in 2018 to bring us business prosperity. I started noticing big cosmic shifts going on in the universe and wanted to share my cosmic Prosperity Px predictions with the collective. Let me know if you want to board the space ship with these coordinates. 

1. Money Honey

Everything we thought we knew about money is shifting. What it stands for, how it is exchanged and what value it holds. This is great news for those with abundance blocks. We'll have plenty of opportunities to view money completely different this spin around the sun, dissipating whatever vibrations that are conjured just by uttering the word 'money.' Soon it will be like saying 'soap.' 

I've boarded the spaceship on this idea. In my New Moon starter package, I offer 'paper money' exchanges, along with other combinations of energy exchanges so everybody gets a shot at starting a bad ass business. 

2. Consumers Calling Bullshit On Coaches

Coach saturation since 2016 has everybody writing the same types of offers, promising six figures and the using the same scripts. I predict the consumers (that's me and you) call bullshit and hire the honest coaches who tell them 'yes, you can fly private with your dog, if you do the work.'

3. Facebook Is Out

Yep, I just typed that. Sorry Zuck, you got greedy with the algorithms and the paid ads so that it doesn't matter how many friends I have because I never see any of their posts ... but I do see all the coaches offering me to become a millionaire overnight if I just download this one free video.

But it's not just Mark and his algorithms or the highest paying advertisers on Facebook. It's Aunt Sharon who's super passive aggressive, projects onto others, and shares political statements that make me wonder what twilight zone I have entered. Oh and the hate and insecurity. Man, I'm so glad I didn't grow up as a kid with Facebook, I was already hard enough on myself. You?

4. More Body Love

Less social media filters for the face and the body and the life we try to portray to strangers on the internet. Gold eye shadow and halos are super fun. That's not what I'm referring to.  I'm talking about feeling like you've got to look and write a certain way to get more likes, follows and interest. We are already starting to see influencers and big brands rally behind the beauty in being our magnificent selves. Let's post more honest pictures because you never know what little girl or boy is influenced by you. And I'm talking to me too because I've had my fun with face softening filters.

5. More 'WE' Less 'ME'

This is the Aquarian age. The age of the collective, lifting each other up and realizing we actually get more prosperity out of life when we get by with a little help from our friends. So grab a (business) partner, cohost an event and drop the competitive side-eye because that was so Piscean Age. 

What are your thoughts, Space Traveler? Are you feeling these cosmic predictions?

Either way, I'm Sending You Massive Moon Blessings of Prosperity,


Ashley Noel

Psst... feel free to share this with a friend and if you are feeling it, let me know what you think of these predictions.