MoonLighting As A Healer - You Gotta Have FAITH


Extremely talented, tuned in, tapped in GLORIOUS individuals {YOU} have ah-mazing gifts to share with the world...

Meanwhile some {healers} hustle on the side with the woo. Which is awesome even if it's just 5% of your week because the world needs you!

These are called "Part Time hustlers".

Some healers question...“Should I quit? Can I rely on my passion? How will I ever make the money?"

But here's the thing, and trust me because I see (and hear) this all all the time.

You are 100% confusing the universe. 

Your words don’t match your actions don’t match your FEELS. 

The universe.... WILL deliver to you what you put out. 

If you put out that you don't know what you want, you MUDDLE the signal. .

Sound Familiar: "I want to be a healer...but I don't trust that my mad talents will be abundantly I'll stick with my corporate 9-5. "

How do you expect the universe to reward you when you doubt the MAGNIFICENCE? 

Dive in!

No more questioning the delivery of prosperity when you've been half-in.

The law of attraction clearly states that it will match you where you are.

So if you find yourself saying that you 'don't know' and 'need to see the monetary return' first... just remember the universe is like... BACK AT YOU BRO! I'll meet you half way!