{Business} Prosperity Px For The Capricorn New Moon

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This is your chance to use this magnificent Capricorn New Moon energy to call in Business Prosperity.

Here are some action items to let the universe know you mean BIG business.

While you perform these activating Prosperity Px, be calling in the specific types of clients you want and the amounts of money you desire. Then go ahead and double the amount you are asking for because, well, we typically under ask for what is totally possible. 

1. Clear out your screen desktop. Make plenty of space for

  • Signed New Client Agreements
  • Travel Itineraries
  • Creative projects that light your soul on fire

2. Create a Business Abundance Altar with

  • Printed images representing clients, money, and the types of feelings you desire
  • Paper $ Money, even some coins and $1 bills will do the trick. 
  • Anything gold
  • A check you write to yourself for the amount you asked for above. Sign it from your dream client's name (real or someone you are calling in).
  • A candle to symbolize the Activation of this alter
  • Anything else that makes you happy and feeling abundant. Think luxe. Revel in it.

3. Polish Your Social Media Accounts

Your bio profiles and posts should reflect wording, offers and images for the types of clients you want to call in over the next Moon.

4. A Personal Prosperity Mantra that you write down and carry with you and repeat over and over to yourself. It should make you feel good and fuzzy when you say it (not any words that make trigger blocks). Your mantra will be your own. Here are some mantras I say that you can totally use or be inspired by.

Money comes to me out of the blue today

I AM a magnet for high-vibe, high-paying clients that are so fun

People pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars for being me

Om Hrim Shri Mahalakshmi Namaha

5. Create a playlist of prosperity mantras and listen to while doing all things business related. On spotify, search Lakshmi, she's a Hindu Goddess who embodies this Wealth and PROSPERITY you are calling in. Here's a link to one of my favorite Lakshmi prosperity jams on Spotify to bring in wealth and prosperity and it matches that last Mantra suggestion in #4 above om hrim shri mahalakshmi namaha

There is no wrong or right way to do the above. It is the intention behind your actions that means everything. Feel good when you are performing these actions and let those good feelings linger through to the next New Moon. Have fun with Prosperity. It is here for you to play with. 

Sending You Massive New Moon Blessings of Abundance,


Ashley Noel

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