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This is how I get 8 hours of work done in 90 minutes.

I slow down time while simultaneously turning the dial up on neurons firing the focused information I need at the exact right time.

I call this RICH work. I started practicing RICH work in early 2017. The first time I tried it was after I learned of a new book called 'Deep Work' in which you use a timer to keep you on track and focused on your task. I liked this idea so I began with the timer and then modified the rest (as I often do with other's methods) to make this ritual more my style. 

The more you practice, the better you get. Perhaps you'll write me one day and tell me you got a month's worth of work done in one hour...something that your brain is 100% capable of doing. 

What Is RICH Work?

RICH work is what I call the work that is focused on priorities. These priorities are tasks that are what lead to your superabundance. They are the tasks that make you money. I call it RICH work because it's the work that makes me rich. 

RICH work is NOT work that is focused on the tasks that can be passed to someone else. It is not work that takes care of someone else's 'emergencies'. It is not work that keeps you in 'creation' paralyzation. 

RICH work is focused on one thing, bringing in money, honey. The bottom line. 

Examples of prioritized tasks that are done during RICH work could be...

Releasing your new digital course

Writing showstopper copy for your services

Email invites to your workshop

Promoting your services and offers on social media and in blog posts

All of these lead to purchases and connection with clients in order to lead to an energy exchange. 

Prosperity Px for RICH work

1. Put your phone on DND and turn the ringer off so even 'Favorites' don't ring in. 

2. Set the timer on your phone for 90 minutes. 

3. Put your phone in another room, close enough to hear the timer alarm. 

4. Your surroundings - your TV off, find a quiet space where you cannot be interrupted and is closed off from any movement that can distract you. Clear your space off of clutter or set up where you can't see the clutter when you look up from your laptop. Tell your family that you are practicing RICH work and you are not to be disturbed. (Jeremy, my fiance, knows exactly what this means and acquiesces my request because he knows I'm creating more prosperity for our life.)

*I put peppermint in my essential oil diffuser to amp up concentration.

*I don't drink adult beverages while I'm practicing RICH work. It fuzzes up receptiveness to the genius that is trying to come through and is counterproductive to what I'm trying to accomplish. I do get a huge glass of room temperature water with chlorophyll to keep next to me so I can stay hydrated as I'm using all this brain power.

5. Write down on a piece of paper what you are going to get done during this time. Start with one goal. Leave the paper next to your laptop so you see the goal. 

6. Put earbuds in to close out the outside world. Listen to one song on Spotify/pandora/iTunes on repeat for the 90 minutes. One song on repeat. Your song that you choose should be one that is almost ambient noise in the background yet keeps you alert. It should chill you out rather than make you feel like you just took an espresso shot. It should not make you tired. It should get you in your zone. You will know the song(s) when you hear it. 

*What' I'm listening to right now...I like the song 'Time' from the Inception movie soundtrack and will listen to this on repeat for 90 minutes. I like Japji by Bachan Kaur. I also listen to the Mission Impossible 4 soundtrack on repeat. 

7. Begin.

8. This last part is very important. In fact it is the ONLY way these steps will work. It's what you must train your mind to do. Any time you give in to distraction, open your facebook page, check an email, click on notifications, send a text from your laptop messages, or do anything that is not centered on the goal that you wrote down when you began, YOU GET UP, WALK INTO THE OTHER ROOM, AND START YOUR PHONE TIMER BACK TO 90 MINUTES. It doesn't take many times of this at all before your eager student of a mind understands exactly what is going on and keeps you in your zone.

You will find that you are better at this than you expected. 

You will find that you are sharp and capable of laser execution.

Your confidence will grow as the practice of RICH work affirms your brain power.

You will start to see just what can be done in an 90 minutes and you will never look at what can be done in an hour the same way again. In fact, you'll never look at time the same again.

An amazing by-product of this is that you feel like you have a superpower. You start to see how much time is wasted during the day and how just a little bit of hyper-focused RICH work makes the impossible, easily possible. 

So Time Traveler, what prioritized tasks that bring you money need to be done today? Set your timer for 90 minutes and begin. Amaze yourself.


Love and Moon Blessings For Your SuperAbundance,

Ashley Noel

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