Join Me For This Workshop + Activation near Lakeway, Texas


Have you ever thought about creating an online program or course or selling a virtual product like an ebook?

Would you love to channel some clarity around:

  • What to offer…
  • How to format and design it…
  • Where and how to sell it…
  • How to price it…

Whether you own a business or just want to come play in and be inspired with all the ways to infuse more abundance into your bank account, ALL ARE WELCOME!.

And there’s more…

Ceremony - Card pulling, Crystals, Anointing, Smudging, Fire, Earth Medicine, Deep Connection with your HIGHERself 

Channeling - Opening to be a clear channel to download creative inspiration for the day

Receiving - Guidance from your Guardians/Angels/Ancestors and Source

Embracing - Being seen for who you are and what you offer in order to confidently connect with your prosperity

Activation  – I AM worthy of Abundance

Journeying - Prosperity journeying and visualization for the launch of your first virtual product 

I know, sounds ah-mazing, right? Check out the complete details including what we're serving for lunch and snacks by visiting the Experiences page here

MoonLighting As A Healer - You Gotta Have FAITH


Extremely talented, tuned in, tapped in GLORIOUS individuals {YOU} have ah-mazing gifts to share with the world...

Meanwhile some {healers} hustle on the side with the woo. Which is awesome even if it's just 5% of your week because the world needs you!

These are called "Part Time hustlers".

Some healers question...“Should I quit? Can I rely on my passion? How will I ever make the money?"

But here's the thing, and trust me because I see (and hear) this all all the time.

You are 100% confusing the universe. 

Your words don’t match your actions don’t match your FEELS. 

The universe.... WILL deliver to you what you put out. 

If you put out that you don't know what you want, you MUDDLE the signal. .

Sound Familiar: "I want to be a healer...but I don't trust that my mad talents will be abundantly I'll stick with my corporate 9-5. "

How do you expect the universe to reward you when you doubt the MAGNIFICENCE? 

Dive in!

No more questioning the delivery of prosperity when you've been half-in.

The law of attraction clearly states that it will match you where you are.

So if you find yourself saying that you 'don't know' and 'need to see the monetary return' first... just remember the universe is like... BACK AT YOU BRO! I'll meet you half way!

{Business} Prosperity Px For The Capricorn New Moon

$ New Moon Business Prosperity Px practices.png

This is your chance to use this magnificent Capricorn New Moon energy to call in Business Prosperity.

Here are some action items to let the universe know you mean BIG business.

While you perform these activating Prosperity Px, be calling in the specific types of clients you want and the amounts of money you desire. Then go ahead and double the amount you are asking for because, well, we typically under ask for what is totally possible. 

1. Clear out your screen desktop. Make plenty of space for

  • Signed New Client Agreements
  • Travel Itineraries
  • Creative projects that light your soul on fire

2. Create a Business Abundance Altar with

  • Printed images representing clients, money, and the types of feelings you desire
  • Paper $ Money, even some coins and $1 bills will do the trick. 
  • Anything gold
  • A check you write to yourself for the amount you asked for above. Sign it from your dream client's name (real or someone you are calling in).
  • A candle to symbolize the Activation of this alter
  • Anything else that makes you happy and feeling abundant. Think luxe. Revel in it.

3. Polish Your Social Media Accounts

Your bio profiles and posts should reflect wording, offers and images for the types of clients you want to call in over the next Moon.

4. A Personal Prosperity Mantra that you write down and carry with you and repeat over and over to yourself. It should make you feel good and fuzzy when you say it (not any words that make trigger blocks). Your mantra will be your own. Here are some mantras I say that you can totally use or be inspired by.

Money comes to me out of the blue today

I AM a magnet for high-vibe, high-paying clients that are so fun

People pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars for being me

Om Hrim Shri Mahalakshmi Namaha

5. Create a playlist of prosperity mantras and listen to while doing all things business related. On spotify, search Lakshmi, she's a Hindu Goddess who embodies this Wealth and PROSPERITY you are calling in. Here's a link to one of my favorite Lakshmi prosperity jams on Spotify to bring in wealth and prosperity and it matches that last Mantra suggestion in #4 above om hrim shri mahalakshmi namaha

There is no wrong or right way to do the above. It is the intention behind your actions that means everything. Feel good when you are performing these actions and let those good feelings linger through to the next New Moon. Have fun with Prosperity. It is here for you to play with. 

Sending You Massive New Moon Blessings of Abundance,


Ashley Noel

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Business Prosperity Px - How I Get 8 Hours of Work Done in 90 Minutes

How I get 8 hours of work done in 90 minutes BY MOONGATE 11.png

This is how I get 8 hours of work done in 90 minutes.

I slow down time while simultaneously turning the dial up on neurons firing the focused information I need at the exact right time.

I call this RICH work. I started practicing RICH work in early 2017. The first time I tried it was after I learned of a new book called 'Deep Work' in which you use a timer to keep you on track and focused on your task. I liked this idea so I began with the timer and then modified the rest (as I often do with other's methods) to make this ritual more my style. 

The more you practice, the better you get. Perhaps you'll write me one day and tell me you got a month's worth of work done in one hour...something that your brain is 100% capable of doing. 

What Is RICH Work?

RICH work is what I call the work that is focused on priorities. These priorities are tasks that are what lead to your superabundance. They are the tasks that make you money. I call it RICH work because it's the work that makes me rich. 

RICH work is NOT work that is focused on the tasks that can be passed to someone else. It is not work that takes care of someone else's 'emergencies'. It is not work that keeps you in 'creation' paralyzation. 

RICH work is focused on one thing, bringing in money, honey. The bottom line. 

Examples of prioritized tasks that are done during RICH work could be...

Releasing your new digital course

Writing showstopper copy for your services

Email invites to your workshop

Promoting your services and offers on social media and in blog posts

All of these lead to purchases and connection with clients in order to lead to an energy exchange. 

Prosperity Px for RICH work

1. Put your phone on DND and turn the ringer off so even 'Favorites' don't ring in. 

2. Set the timer on your phone for 90 minutes. 

3. Put your phone in another room, close enough to hear the timer alarm. 

4. Your surroundings - your TV off, find a quiet space where you cannot be interrupted and is closed off from any movement that can distract you. Clear your space off of clutter or set up where you can't see the clutter when you look up from your laptop. Tell your family that you are practicing RICH work and you are not to be disturbed. (Jeremy, my fiance, knows exactly what this means and acquiesces my request because he knows I'm creating more prosperity for our life.)

*I put peppermint in my essential oil diffuser to amp up concentration.

*I don't drink adult beverages while I'm practicing RICH work. It fuzzes up receptiveness to the genius that is trying to come through and is counterproductive to what I'm trying to accomplish. I do get a huge glass of room temperature water with chlorophyll to keep next to me so I can stay hydrated as I'm using all this brain power.

5. Write down on a piece of paper what you are going to get done during this time. Start with one goal. Leave the paper next to your laptop so you see the goal. 

6. Put earbuds in to close out the outside world. Listen to one song on Spotify/pandora/iTunes on repeat for the 90 minutes. One song on repeat. Your song that you choose should be one that is almost ambient noise in the background yet keeps you alert. It should chill you out rather than make you feel like you just took an espresso shot. It should not make you tired. It should get you in your zone. You will know the song(s) when you hear it. 

*What' I'm listening to right now...I like the song 'Time' from the Inception movie soundtrack and will listen to this on repeat for 90 minutes. I like Japji by Bachan Kaur. I also listen to the Mission Impossible 4 soundtrack on repeat. 

7. Begin.

8. This last part is very important. In fact it is the ONLY way these steps will work. It's what you must train your mind to do. Any time you give in to distraction, open your facebook page, check an email, click on notifications, send a text from your laptop messages, or do anything that is not centered on the goal that you wrote down when you began, YOU GET UP, WALK INTO THE OTHER ROOM, AND START YOUR PHONE TIMER BACK TO 90 MINUTES. It doesn't take many times of this at all before your eager student of a mind understands exactly what is going on and keeps you in your zone.

You will find that you are better at this than you expected. 

You will find that you are sharp and capable of laser execution.

Your confidence will grow as the practice of RICH work affirms your brain power.

You will start to see just what can be done in an 90 minutes and you will never look at what can be done in an hour the same way again. In fact, you'll never look at time the same again.

An amazing by-product of this is that you feel like you have a superpower. You start to see how much time is wasted during the day and how just a little bit of hyper-focused RICH work makes the impossible, easily possible. 

So Time Traveler, what prioritized tasks that bring you money need to be done today? Set your timer for 90 minutes and begin. Amaze yourself.


Love and Moon Blessings For Your SuperAbundance,

Ashley Noel

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My 2018 Cosmic Marketing Predictions For 2018 - Facebook Is Out

Man I am excited about all the technology we get to play with in 2018 to bring us business prosperity. I started noticing big cosmic shifts going on in the universe and wanted to share my cosmic Prosperity Px predictions with the collective. Let me know if you want to board the space ship with these coordinates. 

1. Money Honey

Everything we thought we knew about money is shifting. What it stands for, how it is exchanged and what value it holds. This is great news for those with abundance blocks. We'll have plenty of opportunities to view money completely different this spin around the sun, dissipating whatever vibrations that are conjured just by uttering the word 'money.' Soon it will be like saying 'soap.' 

I've boarded the spaceship on this idea. In my New Moon starter package, I offer 'paper money' exchanges, along with other combinations of energy exchanges so everybody gets a shot at starting a bad ass business. 

2. Consumers Calling Bullshit On Coaches

Coach saturation since 2016 has everybody writing the same types of offers, promising six figures and the using the same scripts. I predict the consumers (that's me and you) call bullshit and hire the honest coaches who tell them 'yes, you can fly private with your dog, if you do the work.'

3. Facebook Is Out

Yep, I just typed that. Sorry Zuck, you got greedy with the algorithms and the paid ads so that it doesn't matter how many friends I have because I never see any of their posts ... but I do see all the coaches offering me to become a millionaire overnight if I just download this one free video.

But it's not just Mark and his algorithms or the highest paying advertisers on Facebook. It's Aunt Sharon who's super passive aggressive, projects onto others, and shares political statements that make me wonder what twilight zone I have entered. Oh and the hate and insecurity. Man, I'm so glad I didn't grow up as a kid with Facebook, I was already hard enough on myself. You?

4. More Body Love

Less social media filters for the face and the body and the life we try to portray to strangers on the internet. Gold eye shadow and halos are super fun. That's not what I'm referring to.  I'm talking about feeling like you've got to look and write a certain way to get more likes, follows and interest. We are already starting to see influencers and big brands rally behind the beauty in being our magnificent selves. Let's post more honest pictures because you never know what little girl or boy is influenced by you. And I'm talking to me too because I've had my fun with face softening filters.

5. More 'WE' Less 'ME'

This is the Aquarian age. The age of the collective, lifting each other up and realizing we actually get more prosperity out of life when we get by with a little help from our friends. So grab a (business) partner, cohost an event and drop the competitive side-eye because that was so Piscean Age. 

What are your thoughts, Space Traveler? Are you feeling these cosmic predictions?

Either way, I'm Sending You Massive Moon Blessings of Prosperity,


Ashley Noel

Psst... feel free to share this with a friend and if you are feeling it, let me know what you think of these predictions.