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Have you ever wished for someone to show you exactly what to do right now to get clients?

What would it be like to have a map that was a step-by-step plan for you to follow without any guesswork on how to execute it?

What if someone could show you how to make what you offer incredibly desirable to your audience?

Wearing all the hats, googling all night for answers, consuming boat loads of free content hoping for answers, observing what others are doing in their business…can drive you mad. I know, I’ve been there.

So why not save the time, money and energy and align with someone who can tell you exactly what you need right now to generate revenue?

Picture having a 90 day game plan. An answer key that is 100% customized to you and what you want. That’s a Blueprint Session with me.

In just ONE Abundance Blueprint Session with Ashley, I got more value and growth than I got out of an entire year long business program.
— Christina Louise - Soulful + Embodied Feminine Leadership Founder of the Embodiment Arts Academy and White Dragon Medicine Arts

Upon scheduling, you’ll hear from me for your pre-session support.

We’ll then meet via zoom for your live 90 minute 1:1 session.

After your Abundance Blueprint session, you’ll experience post-session support.

Exact details of this process are provided upon scheduling.

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For women in business or wanting to start a business for example: Holistic practitioners, Coaches (all types), yoga teachers, energy healers, coaches, fitness experts, nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and creative individuals offering services.

Email me: or click the button below to find out more.

What People Are Saying About The Abundance Blueprint Session

Prepare to have your socks blown off. Ashley has an infectious energy which not only inspired me to get my business offerings in line, but as soon as I committed to meeting with her, my business started getting noticed. I believe pairing my energy with Ashley’s is what gave my business the extra fuel for sparking the fire, and now that I’ve worked with her, I know I can deliver what I need to be successful. In short, I’m a big fan. Now to blow some of that air on my business’s sparking flames!
— Sarah Cousins
Working with Ashley was one of the most fruitful experiences I have ever had as far as generating clarity, productivity and activation within my soul-centered business. In just ONE Abundance blueprint session with Ashley, I got more value and growth than I got out of an entire year long business program. Ashley not only gets things done efficiently and powerfully, she allows spirit-minded, sensitive individuals to keep their intuitive gifts thriving within greater structure, organization and action-oriented steps so that they can grow their businesses without losing touch with their heart and soul. Her wisdom and knowledge not only in business, but in spirituality and higher consciousness is immediately evident, and she blends these together with ease. She is inspiring and very caring, and she has an incredible gift and knack for weaving together business and soul in ways which empower and uplift rapidly. I left our session feeling reborn. I HIGHLY recommend her services far and wide!!
— Christina Louise - Soulful + Embodied Feminine Leadership Founder of the Embodiment Arts Academy and White Dragon Medicine Arts
Ashley has such positivity about her that working with her is fun and inspiring. She gave me step by step guidance for my business. My session with her was the extra boost I needed to set me in the right direction.
— Andrea Founder of Mind Body Music Center
Ashley is a “pro’s pro.” It’s clear that Ashley has substantial subject matter expertise, loves her work, and cares about me and the success of my business. Our first Blueprint Session was substantive. I left the meeting with a clear and actionable roadmap that included a repeatable formula for success. I highly recommend working with her to develop a blueprint for success.
— Jeff Genung Founder of Contemplative Life
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I also work with hotels, wellness spas, yoga studios, island resorts and conscious businesses and offer an in-depth, full analysis of hidden opportunities and ways to capitalize on all your offerings. This will be a full review of your current offerings and marketing structures in place. We’ll create a customized strategy in place for your business to reach your revenue goals and business wishes. Abundance Blueprint Sessions for Businesses are day-long inspiring, power-packed sessions with pre-planning and post session support.

To Inquire About an Abundance Blueprint Session for your business, please email: