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Summer Camp - Design Your Website and Get Clear On Your Messaging and Launch With A Bang In 6 Weeks

Registration Opens May 19th For This Virtual Summer Camp!

Create your awesome website, get crystal clear on your brand messaging, and launch with a cosmic bang in six weeks!

√ Learn how to design a gorgeous website page-by-page and start attracting new clients in no time!

√ Fun and easy step-by-step guidance for the non-tech savy conscious business entrepreneur. 

If you are stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to even thinking about designing your new website and you wish you had a professional to tell you what to do, page-by-page, to be attracting new clients in no time, you are who I designed Summer Camp for. 

How awesome would it be waking up to email notifications from your website telling you that a new client has purchased one of your services? This is all possible with great design, knowing who your client is and getting crystal clear on your messaging. We'll cover all of this in Summer Camp. 

Weekly Trainings Plus Live CAMPFIRE Q&A'S

I'll be live with you every week for our CAMPFIRE Q&A's on zoom! I'll be there to answer any questions you have from that week's trainings and to support your success!

This is for you if:

You currently offer services or have an idea in mind of what you want to offer. 

You have never had a website or your current website desperately needs a refresh because you have evolved.

You don't know how to start, what to say, and are stuck.

You are so not tech savy and are feeling intimidated at even thinking of designing a website. 

You aren't clear about your messaging and what you offer that makes you unique. 

You feel overwhelmed and it would be a relief if someone just told you what goes where and what to say on each page. 

Your current website is not performing. For example: collecting emails, booking sessions with clients, collecting registrations for your events and making you money.

You'd like to be able to change your website on your own, without intimidation each time you want to create a new service or offer. 

You are looking for an affordable way to have a website that sells your services, without hiring someone to do it for you for thousands of dollars. 

During our time together, I'll teach you:

√ What pages you should have on your website and what type of text, images and design should go on each of them. Imagine a beautiful Home page, Offerings page, Events page, About Page and Contact page each with their own marketing strategy.

√ How to easily and confidently change your services and put new offers on your website anytime on your own and have it look like a professional did it. 

√ How to stand out from others with your services, even if you have the same titles and certifications as Sally down the street. 

√ How to collect emails on autopilot so your list of ideal clients grows while you sleep. I'll teach you my 'email subscribers / sales ratio equation' so you can start expecting a certain amount of return each time you offer something in an email campaign.




Take advantage of the following payment options currently available.

Option 1: Pay in full discount. You pay $547 (Save $50)

Option 2:  Make three equal payments of $199. The first payment is due when you register, the second is due 30 days after your first payment and the third is due 60 days after your first payment. 


Science and Exploration

We're going on a data collection expedition. The fun kind. This week you'll discover what YOUR ideal client needs in order to hire you, retreat with you, and attend your workshops. You'll jump from guessing to mind reading. Once you learn this recipe, you'll use it to magnetize the right kind of clients for the rest of your life. This is game changing when it comes to connection, getting referrals and being memorable. 

P.S.- This piece is so important, we'll be referring to this for the layout of all of your pages on your website. 


Arts and Crafts

We'll hit on two major points this week. 

1. Brand Board - This is a vision board of sorts but for your brand. I'll teach you how to create a website that hits on all senses and connects you with YOUR right clients. But first we have to set the mood. What do you want people to think of when they think of your business?

2. Easy Design - Which images are right for you website and where to get them for free. You'll learn how I use Canva to design the three most vital pieces of marketing for your website. 


Cosmic Formulating

This is the fun part. We find out what makes you shine the brightest to the client's you desire most. Then you'll get clear on what service(s) to focus on offering that will make you the most money and that will translate to the most value for your clients.

You'll learn how to name, write and price your services so you start waking up to email notifications from your website that new clients have purchased your services.

Creative Writing

I'll walk you through signing up for Squarespace and selecting the right template. We'll then go page-by-page, mapping out the page names and types of pages that are unique to you and what you offer. 

You'll use everything you've collected so far and begin easily filling in your pages. I'll provide you prompts and suggestions for each section so you are clear on what to say and where to say it for your desired effect. 

Creating Crazy Cosmic Value For Your Soon To Be Clients

Red Carpet Treatment: You'll learn to look at your website from the perspective of your ideal client and not your own, which is the difference between consistent income and uncertain income.

Using Mailchimp, I'll show you how to create a welcome email that automatically goes out to anyone that subscribes to your email list on your website. Once you learn how to quickly and easily set up an automated email, you'll never look back. I'll give you a template, a script and suggestions for what to put in the welcome email to entice sales right off the bat.

Let's Create Your first I.F.O. - Irresistible Free Offer...

I'll give you my fill in the blank template and secret super power for attracting the right types of clients and filtering out the rest. This method will also establish major credibility for you and collect emails on autopilot after creating it just one time. 



We'll continue filling in all the pages of your website this week and connecting them with your social media accounts. 


It's Scavenger Hunt Time! We are on the hunt for 3 pieces of information to turn your website into a powerhouse selling machine.

Want to know who is better at selling your services than you are? Your client. This week you learn how to take full advantage of that and completely shift from carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders to activating a sales team at zero cost to you. 


Cosmic Persuasion ...a.k.a. selling with heart and integrity in a way that feels so good

If you don't like to be pushy or ask for sales, you'll love this week's lessons. 

I'll teach you how to effectively make money without ever feeling less than spectacular about what you have to offer. It's all about those good vibrations surrounding your business so you feel it and your potential clients feel it. 

P.S. Expect a big revelation this week on how you talk about your business from now until the end of time. If what you've done in the past to promote your business hasn't brought the sustained success you've desired, you'll learn why and what to do about it. 

Creative Writing

You'll be finishing up your website pages this week and you can see the finish line clearly. Confidence and enthusiasm for what is to come is starting to set in for you as you now have a place that potential clients can clearly connect with what you have to offer and easily do business with you. 


It's time to shine!

You'll have your launch checklist to make sure everything is in order to go live and start promoting your offers! 

BONUS - You're website is live, now what? I'll give you an action plan for launching your website. This super simple and effective strategy gets everyone eager to learn more about what you have to offer!


Weekly 30 minute Q & A group Zoom calls. Ask me anything about that week's training you need support on. I'm here for you. 

Ready to get started? 



The outcome is fantastic - I’m very proud of my website. Without Ashley, I would still be looking for someone or something -It’s one of my best actions and purchases I have ever made! She is a Top World-Class web designer!
— Mia Grant - Founder of Mia Grant Art Yoga, Women's Wellness and Retreats Around the Globe
I feel absolutely nurtured and understood, and finally have a game plan for how to bring my work to the people who need it and want it. Ashley gets it, y’all. I am filled with optimism and gratitude.
— Shannon Brooks , Founder | Tune My Biofield
Business and sales don’t come naturally to me but after doing what Ashley has taught me, I got unbelievably warm responses from my clients and the sessions with her practically paid for themselves. She gets it, in so many ways. I’m so happy I found her.
— Jazmine Russell - Integrative Counselor + Intuitive Herbalist
Ashley helped me get really specific and very clear on who my clients were going to be. She helped me identify my target market, find out what their concerns were, I realized I do have the knowledge to really help these people. This made me so confident and gave me crystal clear direction.
— Sheena Rubino, Founder | Shee Yoga Fitness



Who is Summer Camp for? 

Service based entrepreneurs in wellness, metaphysical, or alternative healing. 

What does Summer Camp include?

Weekly trainings that guide you from start to launch of your website plus getting clear on your brand and messaging 

Live weekly 30 minutes CAMPFIRE Q & A on Zoom 

Lifetime access to the SUMMER CAMP private member page where you can access all the trainings 24/7 at your convenience. 

What does Summer Camp not include?

Summer Camp does not include the cost of a domain or hosting through Squarespace. It also does not include the cost of any software I may suggest using like Mailchimp (free up to 2500 people on your email list), Zoom (free version available) and Acuity which is a scheduling software in case you start booking several clients a day and you decide you want to use a booking software. Acuity is totally optional. 

Do I need to follow the six week timeline?

I've designed Summer Camp to get you rocking and rolling in a short amount of time successfully. With that said, you are free to take your time. You will have lifetime access to all the trainings and I will record the weekly campfires in case you miss one and want to watch. 

Are the weekly CAMPFIRES on zoom recorded in case I miss one?

Yes, definitely! I'll upload them to the private Summer Camp member page for you to access anytime at your convenience 24/7.

How do I access the trainings?

You'll get access to the private SUMMER CAMP member page where you'll log in with the username and password you create when you sign up for SUMMER CAMP. 

How are these teachings provided to me?

Videos, workbooks and PDFs.

Is there additional support for my questions?

Yes! We will have weekly 30 minute Q&A sessions on zoom where I'll be live to answer any questions you may have from that weeks training. 

What is the website platform you suggest I use as I create each page?

I highly recommend using ! Squarespace is so awesome for the non-techy and for people who offer wellness and holistic type services.  Everything you need to do is on Squaresapce. You can purchase a domain (your web address) and your hosting (what makes your website live on the internet). I will be referring to Squarespace throughout your training as I show you how to design your website. It will be much easier for you to follow along. 

Who is doing the work in Summer Camp?

You are. Everything I've set in place during Summer Camp is meant to empower you to design your website, get crystal clear on your messaging and be able to update your site on your own with out spending thousands hiring a professional. You'll also learn powerful marketing methods that my private clients pay me high dollar monthly retainers for. 

Are there refunds for Summer Camp?

I have done my best to be as transparent and clear about what exactly it is that Summer Camp includes on this page. And because you cannot return digital trainings and live sessions, there will be no refunds and all sales are final. 

If you have any questions as to if Summer Camp is right for you, I invite you to email me

Do I have to be in a particular industry?

I have framed my teachings to appeal to those who offer services and I've used wording around wellness, energy and alternative healing in the training materials which may make Summer Camp more fun and enjoyable for you if you fall in that category. Do email me though if you have questions on whether this is a good fit.



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