Who it's for: Those that know they should be blogging on their website and posting on social media but are otherwise occupied by a little thing You're busy but you unequivocally know your audience, sales, prosperity $$$ and brand loyalty would be much higher if you did it on the regular but ya know, life. You need a marketing Goddess who can deliver quality content so that your business can start sending out good vibrations across the cosmos and attracting back prosperity for your bank account. You're in luck. I know of such a Goddess. 

How it works: We'll meet via zoom beforehand for a initial meeting to outline your overall content strategy and then again each month via zoom or phone for that month's content. Your strategy will be 100% customized to your business, style, vibe, voice and feel. I'll write your content to be persuasive yet authentic and educational around your business. Inspiration will also come from the seasons and all the magic your business includes. The monthly fee includes all design work for posts. You'll upload your blog post to your website yourself (unless you use Squarespace then I will be happy to upload for you) and I'll invite you to make me an admin of your Facebook and Instagram accounts so I can post on your behalf. This is also optional and I'm happy to simply email you your posts without having access to your accounts and you can upload and post yourself. 



25 Min Zoom Session

1 Email Campaign 

4 Facebook Posts/Week (20/Month)

4 Instagram Posts/Week (20/Month)

$ 399/month




45 Min Zoom Session

1 Blog Post

2 Email Campaigns

5 Facebook Posts/Week (25/month)

5 Instagram Posts/Week (25/month)

$ 750/month


To Begin: Book your Initial Cosmic Blueprint Session (55 minutes) @ $125. If you pay in full for either package, the Initial Cosmic Blueprint Session fee is waived.