This is your shot. You can either keeping talking about what you want or you can start living it. The choice has always been yours. I’m sending you massive amounts of wealth and wellbeing blessings from my heart to yours. It is my desire that you allow yourself to connect with your radiant, delicious life today!
— Ashley Steinmetz

This is an EXTRAordinary time.

A time of many shifts. A shift in planetary and universal energy. A shift in technology. A shift in order. I invite you to step into your role as a new age entrepreneur and command your power. Activate your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies to both 'produce' and 'nurture' a juicy life of your choosing.

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MoonGate 11sacred geometry border.png

The offerings of MoonGate 11 guide you to bring your business {and life} to the very tip of the leading edge.  This is a place where you stand fully in your power, {AWAKE} and ACTivated, bending time and space to manifest your desired reality. Limitless.

Ask for what you want, feel worthy of it and receive it with EXPECTEDness.

If you have landed on this site, it is likely you enjoy thoughts of living a prosperous life and having a business that rewards you, those close to you, and those you wish to serve abundantly. Perhaps you often wonder how to use the new technologies of the planet to connect with others and share your offerings. If this is the case, you'll enjoy playing with both the practical and mystical steps offered inside MoonGate 11 to elevate your mind and business. If, however, you are not yet fully ready to commit to commanding all the power that resides within you, waiting to be unleashed, that's cool too. We are ready when we are ready. When the time comes for you to use MoonGate 11 as a catalyst to create a magnificent life and business, she'll be waiting. 

Tomorrow you could die and become an ant, and someone will be setting traps for you. But today you are precious and rare and awake. It ushers us into grateful living. It makes hesitation useless. Grateful and awake, ask what you need to know now. Say what you feel now. Love what you love now.
— Mark Nepo | The Book of Awakening
Ashley gets it. She is tuned in and tapped in and very committed to the awakening of planet Earth. And really supportive in guiding us to step into our fullness and the next phase of our business.
— Heather Elizabeth, Founder | S.H.I.N.E. Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution
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