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Spiritual Entrepreneur Feedback 

WOW!!! I just read through! OMG. It’s brilliant. THANK YOU for sharing this with me. It looks beautiful, it feels empowering and I’m excited! Girl, fire!
— Essa Keller, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Founder | Somatic Sound Healing
This helped me identify so target audience, and what their main concerns were. Once I found this out, it made me realize I do have the knowledge to help people and that made me become crystal clear on exactly what my services were going to be, who I was going to offer them to, how to reach them and have them sign up to hear from me on my email list.
THAT really gave me confidence.
— Sheena Rubino, Founder | Shee Yoga Fitness
Also, WOW! I just did Lesson 1 and already people are responding and their feedback is expanding my mind. Genius! SO GRATEFUL and excited!
— Essa Keller, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Founder | Somatic Sound Healing

{11 Day Digital Mini-Course}

Energy Exchange $88

Who is this mini-course for?

Holistic coaches, nutritionists, essential oil sellers, Ayurveda practitioners, Massage therapists, Reiki practitioners (any level), Tarot readers, Astrologists, established as well as recently graduated yoga teachers, crystal healers, energy healers...

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 - Includes PDF and Video 

Super secret technique for speaking your dream client's language. Make potential clients feel like you are reading their mind and give them exactly what they need that will change their lives for the better forever!

You'll learn how to create deep client connection, be a magnet for long-term client relationships and establish incredible trust with your online audience. 

P.S. - This lesson is the ultimate guidance for where to begin any time you want to create a new offer, service, host a workshop, retreat. You'll know exactly what to say and write, when and to whom in-person and online.

You'll complete the lesson even knowing how to create amazing copy for your social media posts, website, email campaigns and any marketing materials. You'll find a superabundance of inspiration and experience revelations! I sure did!

Lesson 2 - Includes PDF and Video 

Having beautiful offers and carefully written services isn't enough if one is not clear on who their client is. In order to attract those high-vibe, high paying dream clients you want to manifest, you've got to know who they are down to the smallest detail. 

Newsflash! Everyone is not your client. And this is totally cool because your gifts are unique and no one can deliver them the way you do. Once you line up with clients who are receptive to you, more and more keep coming. 

You'll complete this lesson knowing exactly who you should be marketing your services to so you can stop wasting time, money and energy on those that are not (currently) in alignment with your services. You want clients who are ready to buy now! This is an eye-opener!

Lesson 3 - Includes PDF and Video

This is where you learn to separate yourself from everyone else who may have a similar title as you. You'll learn the steps to take to get you thinking outside the box and creating a showstopper service unique to YOU. This is a service that you feel enthusiastic about and one that builds your confidence, reminding you how unique you and your services are. When someone asks you how your service is different from (another service provider...) you can clearly and confidently state the answer.

Lesson 4 - Includes PDF and Video

This lesson is absolute MAGIC! Inside you'll learn how to grow your email list full of high vibe, high paying dream clients on autopilot quickly and easily. You'll learn how to create connection and attract sales without sounding salesy or pushy using these three tools inside lesson 4.

Once you learn how to do this, you'll begin attracting QUALIFIED clients ready to buy from you, take your classes, attend your retreat, take your workshop or buy your program. 

This is the exact same technique that spiritual entrepreneurs who have huge followings in the hundreds of thousands have in place. 

You can put these in place without spending any money and begin to attract the emails of dream clients who love what you offer and who don't need any convincing to hire you. They are already sold on you after you do these simple and fun steps.

You'll see how a huge list of qualified dream clients translates into sold out retreats, workshops, classes and programs just by sending out an email campaign. 

This is another way you separate yourself from others who offer similar services as you. 

Lesson 5 - Includes PDF and Video

Advertising on Facebook 101. In this lesson you'll learn how to write the perfect post that pops and attract your dream clients through social media on a limited budget.

You'll learn how to set it up a beautiful, attractive, professional looking Facebook ad, which ad type to choose, and who to target.

I use simple language with easy direction in this lesson. You will love this lesson and you'll feel like a Facebook advertising pro afterwards. No crazy algorithms or complicated jargon needed. 

Learn how to set up effective Facebook ads without hiring an expert. You'll be the expert after this lesson!

Includes my secret method for targeting my dream clients that barely anyone knows exists!

Cosmic Bonus #1

How to automatically send emails to clients at just the right time using Mailchimp. No more being in reactive mode throughout your day having to answer the same questions over and over via email. You'll also see how automated emails are excellent at supporting welcoming new clients, and communicating with them based on their behavior. For example, you've just had someone sign up for your retreat, you now can send them a series of emails that you've prewritten that tells them everything they need to know leading up to the retreat day.

Cosmic Bonus #2

How a webinar should flow from start to finish. Use this step-by-step teaching to create each of your slides to keep your audience interested during your presentation and close more sales at the end! This is the same format I build my successful webinars in and train clients to follow for sales success. 

Cosmic Bonus #3

Swipe this script to invite an Instagram influencer to promote your services and offers. This is the exact script I use and give to my clients that have created successful partnerships between them and influencers on Instagram. 

Use this when you have a new offering, an upcoming retreat or event that you want to sell out and get more eyeballs around!

Swipe the second script this bonus comes with that tells you how to respond when an influencer wants to partner with you. 

Energy Exchange $88

"These are the same teachings that translate into a $2500 energy exchange when I teach them in private sessions. (Interested in this type of 1:1 guidance? Contact me at" 

Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with this mini-course, let me know within 72 hours of your purchase date and time and I will happily refund your money no questions asked. And you can keep Lesson 1 and 2. 


Accessing this course - Once you purchase, you will be prompted to create a username and password. You'll use these to login any time you wish to access this course. The login page is the page titled 'Moon Members' on this website ( .

How often will I get a new lesson? This is an 11 day mini-course. A new lesson will appear every 2 days.

When do I receive the bonuses? On the 10th day, you'll receive the 3 Cosmic Bonuses. 

What is the refund policy? If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with this mini-course, let me know within 72 hours of your purchase date and time and I will happily refund your money no questions asked. And you can keep Lesson 1 and 2. 

Who is this course for? If you provide services and are in the spiritual/healing/make the world a better place dimension, these lessons are for you. Many examples in these lessons refer loosely to yoga teachers but these valuable teachings will reward and benefit all different types of service-based spiritual entrepreneurs.

I AM sending you massive MoonBeam blessings of Abundance. May this mini-course be just the prosperity px you are looking for...


Ashley Noel 

Founder | MoonGate 11