How it works: We talk about your business goals and what you currently have in place. We then have a 90 minute in-depth virtual session where we'll review the discovery documents I sent you previously. I'll show up having prepared strategic suggestions to go over with you when we meet. 

COSMIC FORMULATING is also an excellent for when you want to know if a business idea you've been contemplating could be monetized and what it would take (set up, marketing and selling) in order for you to decide to go forward with it. 

Ask anything regarding business, marketing and selling. Take notes. Absorb the guidance that saves you time, money, and months of researching on your own.

The 90 Minute Cosmic Formulating Session is $199.

Optional Add On: Would you like a step by step action blueprint that outlines what you need to do in your business specifically to get the abundance you desire? Add $200.

You are welcome to take the valuable action blueprint I create for you and carry it out on your own (if you are the DIY type) or you may hire me to implement in which case I will include a proposal.