√ Create your first freebie to offer on your website

√ Set up automatic methods to collect emails of dream clients on your website

√ Set up Mailchimp and automatic emails to welcome your new email subscribers

√ Learn free and powerful design software that's beginner friendly to design the look and feel of your business


√ Discover how to connect with and attract amazing clients online

√ Experience confidence as you get clear on what makes you unique and desirable

√ Learn powerful ways to draw in the right kind of clients and stop attracting clients who aren't a fit

√ Create  AND launch a stunning website you are proud to send clients to that sells your services


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DO IT NOW!! I thought I was simply signing up to learn how to build a website. Scoff. Tip of the iceberg. I wound up having revelation after revelation, ideas popped up for more income revenue, I felt very supported and very eager for the next chapter. Summer camp was invaluable and gave me tools I can use for years to come.
— Isabel Wroth - Published Author
Ashley is an amazing teacher and her enthusiasm for helping others succeed is very evident. She will show you step by step how to build your website as well as teach you how to make connections with your audience, and it is presented in an easy to follow yet fun and engaging way. All of this used to be super overwhelming for me, but now I feel empowered knowing what I need to do and how to do it.
— Mimi Jennings - Founder of White Crane Sings
Whether you have a website or not, just building your business or have been at it for a while, this camp has something new for you to learn. It will definitely inspire!
— Sheena Rubino - Owner, Shee Yoga Fitness
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√ Each week new lessons and guidance will be uploaded on the private Business Camp page for you to access anytime. 

√ 24 Video trainings 

√ 20 Worksheets


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During our time together, you will discover who your ideal clients are, how to market to them so they are eager to buy what you offer, plus you’ll launch your powerhouse website and learn tons of other awesome sales and marketing techniques. I can’t wait to see how your business unfolds! It’s going to be amazing!
— xoxo, Ashley Noel
I was excited about each new lesson and felt a sense of relief because my overwhelm about it all was gone. Now I really do feel empowered to be successful in helping others through my business. And excited about what’s to come :)
— Business Camp Student

√ Those who need to know how and where to start. 

√ Beginners who don't consider themselves marketing or tech savvy. 

√ I have designed the teachings to appeal to those who offer services and I've used wording around wellness, energy, alternative healing in the training materials which may make Business Camp more fun and enjoyable for you if you fall in that category. 

In the first session of Business Camp (summer 2018)  the following types of campers enrolled: Energy healers, Hypnotherapists, Yoga Therapists, Hair Stylists, Writers, Estheticians, Fitness Instructors, Ayurveda Educators, Kundalini Yoga Teachers, and a founder of an LGTBQ equality center. 

Need more info? Scroll down to the faqs section where I answer the most common questions about Business Camp.

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I've been guiding individuals to design and launch businesses that they love with all their hearts and that bring them financial rewards for almost 15 years. 

I adore working with beginners who need guidance on how and where to start. I've helped hundreds of individuals launch, recalibrate and elevate their business. I know exactly what you need to start, connect with clients, and get the biggest return on success without spending a lot of time or money on unnecessary and complicated systems and software. 

I designed Business Camp for those that are ready to begin connecting with clients, have a beautiful online presence and start offering their gifts to the world. I've made all the teachings in Business Camp simple in easy to digest, fun learning lessons so that by the end of our time together, you will have everything you need to launch both your business idea and website, know who your ideal client is, and learn exactly how to market to them so they eagerly buy from you. 

Ready to get started?


Ashley Noel

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TWO payment options available for your convenience.

Option 1: Pay in full $397

Option 2:  Make TWO equal payments of $198.50. The first payment is due when you register, the second is due 30 days after your first payment. 



Week 1: Brand Message and Language of Connection Learn to speak the secret language of your clients so that everything you write and how you speak is a magnet for super awesome, eager to buy from you clients. 

Week 2 : Making a Great First Impression - We're playing with colors and fonts and images to bring your branding and website vision board to life. 

Week 3: Designing your Website and Writing Dynamic Copy that Showcases Your Services and What You Offer Beautifully - Setting up your website with Squarespace and writing amazing copy for your home page that flows effortlessly from top to bottom. I'll share exactly what to say and where so you don't have any guessing. 

Week 4: Your Zone of Genius and Setting Up Mailchimp to start collecting emails of clients - Get crystal clear and confident on what you offer and how it's unique compared to everyone else. We'll also continue designing your website page by page while you learn pricing and valuable guidance on creating attractive offers that your clients gobble up. 

Week 5: Creating a phenomenal Offerings Page that Collects Payments and Sells Your Services On It's Own 24/7 - 

Week 6 - Follow this super effective launch strategy for your website. You're ready to launch your business, here's how to do it. 


Who is Business Camp for? 

Those that are eager to have clients, feel confident in what they offer, love their website and would appreciate simple yet powerful marketing practices. 

Beginners just starting out or those that need a complete upgrade and refresh of their business website.

Those who have never created a website before as well as those that are ready to start over completely with their website. 

Individuals who want someone to show them how and where to start when it comes to finding and connecting with clients online and on their website.

Individuals who want someone to show them step by step how to design a website that sells their services 24/7 to the right kind of clients. 

What does Business Camp include?

Weekly lessons

24 videos

20 printable PDF worksheets

Lifetime access to the BUSINESS CAMP private member page where you can access all the trainings 24/7 at your convenience. 

What does Business Camp not include?

Business Camp does not include the cost of any website hosting, domain or software that I will be suggesting during our time together. I have thoughtfully suggested Squarespace as an excellent platform to design your new website. I'll also be referring to Mailchimp which is free up to 2500 people on your email list.  I also suggest Zoom (free version available) and Acuity (free and paid version available) which is a scheduling software in case you start booking several clients a day and you decide you want to use a booking software. 

Do I need to follow the six week timeline?

I've designed Business Camp to get you rocking and rolling in a short amount of time successfully. With that said, you are free to take your time. You will have lifetime access to all the trainings.

How do I access the trainings?

You'll get access to the private Business Camp member page where you'll log in with the username and password you create when you sign up.  

How are these teachings provided to me?

Videos, word documents and PDFs.

What is the website platform you suggest I use for the design my gorgeous website section of Business Camp?

I highly recommend using Squarespace.com ! Squarespace is so awesome for beginners and non-techy and for people.  Everything you need to do is on Squaresapce. You can purchase a domain (your web address) and your hosting (what makes your website live on the internet). I will be referring to Squarespace throughout your training as I show you how to design your website. It will be much easier for you to follow along. 

What if I currently have a website that I did not build on Squarespace?

You will still benefit from Business Camp. However, please note that in the lessons I am also teaching you 'how to set up Squarespace' website page by page along the way. If you've been thinking of starting fresh with a new website, I highly suggest Squarespace. 

Who is doing the work in Business Camp?

You are. Everything I've set in place during Business Camp is meant to empower you to design your website, get crystal clear on your messaging and be able to update your website on your own with out spending thousands hiring a professional. You'll also learn powerful yet easy marketing techniques to connect with more clients and market your business. 

Are there refunds for Business Camp?

I have done my best to be as transparent and clear about what exactly it is that Business Camp includes on this page. And because you cannot return digital trainings and live sessions, there will be no refunds and all sales are final. 

If you have any questions as to if Business Camp is right for you, I invite you to email me ashley@moongate11.com

Do I have to be in a particular industry?

I have framed my teachings to appeal to those who offer services and I've used wording around wellness, energy, alternative healing and creatives in the training materials which may make Business Camp more fun and enjoyable for you if you fall in that category. Do email me though if you have questions on whether this is a good fit. ashley@moongate11.com

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Still wondering if Business Camp is a fit for you? Shoot me an email. I'm happy to have a conversation with you. 

Please send your email to ashley@moongate11.com