MoonGate 11 manifested just after the Super Full Moon in January 2018. It's purpose on planet Earth is to serve as a catalyst to New Age and Spiritual Entrepreneurs with missions to make the world a brighter, more loving, harmonic dance floor. It will do this through technology and lifestyle teachings in the shape of coaching, workshops, retreats, virtual trainings and services and a podcast. 

MoonGate 11 was founded by Ashley Noel, someone who has absolutely no problem writing a beautiful 'About' page for a client but struggles to put her own life into words. So let's see what happens...

"...I felt like I was hiding a piece of me and even monitoring my words. The boutique marketing firm that once lit my soul on fire and kept me happily awake at night in eager anticipation was doing well from the outside looking in. But it's captain (moi), was going on quantum vibrational ride of her life behind the scenes. I was one person to clients during the day, and another at night in the ethereal sanctuary I created. I was imbalanced and dissatisfied with the business I worked 24/7 to build. One slip of the tongue with words like quantum abundance, activation, aura, laws of the universe, alignment, vibes, unlimited potential and even phrases like 'self-love' and 'quantum potential' rewarded me with raised eyebrows and labels and misunderstandings. I kept pushing though. I was pushing against my heart, and my higher self.  It wasn't the business. She was beautiful. It was me.

So after two years of contemplation and juggling thoughts of anxiety about what would happen if I walked away from this perfect business that was indeed running smoothly on the outside for 8 years,  how would I do this and that, etc...I launched a rocket of desire, mapped out my constellation, stepped through the portal, and rapidly traveled from the dimension I previously created, to a new dimension that activated me on a level I never experienced before (in this lifetime, at least). And so, MoonGate 11 manifested. 

Open minds, hearts, outliers, mavericks and those guided by their own free will...I created this space for you. 

I imagine MoonGate 11 to be your masterful portal to new ideas, multi-dimensional thoughts and technology teachings that activate your life and business beyond pragmatic checklists and steps (although you will for sure see checklists and action items:). I want to inspire you, remind you of your worth, and share ways to squeeze all the juice out of your life. 

I want you to FEEL it on all levels of your life. To fucking L O V E your life.

To fully activate your potential and your multi-dimensional, multi-passionate self to connect to infinite intelligence you'll have to map your own coordinates, step through the portal and pass into a place you've never been before, but are curious about.

I would not be standing at the portal of MoonGate 11 without the genius and divine love I received and continue to receive from my teachers and guides. It is for them as much as you that I created this space. MoonGate 11 may have services that look like I only provide them, but the truth is, you get the collective genius of the teachers I have been blessed to know and collaborate with. You'll meet them through collaborations, interviews and when we work together, you'll see I often bring one of them in to assist when needed. 

The Universe expands in proportion to your desires. There is no such thing as not enough to go around. 

This planet vibes so much higher when amazing people are able to express and share their genius. I want to rally around this and not let 'funds' stop anyone from the glorious life they so deserve. For this reason I offer everything from affordable online group programs to private long-term coaching. 

I do things differently compared to the other experts that you see on Facebook and Instagram.  I offer customized business strategy with motivational, high vibe coaching.  I've been in marketing and business strategy for over 14 years now and 8 of those years I've had my own successful global marketing firm.

Although I infuse high vibrational frequencies into every project, make no mistake, I'm serving up million dollar strategies. These are the same Midas touch strategies I'd teach and implement to worldwide corporations with multi-million dollar budgets over the last 14+ years. 


Meanwhile, I'm sending you massive moon blessings of abundance."

Ashley Noel Founder of MoonGate 11.jpeg


Ashley Noel

Founder | MoonGate 11